2018 | LCE Srl

Project EFFECTIVE is a multi-company collaboration to produce more sustainable bio-based fibers and plastics for large consumer products by using renewable feedstocks and innovative technologies.
The Project goal is to reshape entire product value chains by designing new products for a better tomorrow. Because we care about the end-life of our products, EFFECTIVE embraces the circular economy to close the material cycle and make sure we maximize the value of every fiber and plastic we create.

The partnership includes organisations from 7 different countries and combines multidisciplinary knowledge on product ingredients, brand products, life-cycle assessment and much more. The project will also benefit from the involvement of Genomatica, a US-based leader in biotechnology who will contribute cutting-edge knowledge on developing and demonstrating innovative bio-based chemical technologies.

I’ve been in charge to support LCE in the development and application of eco-design strategies aiming at facilitating the valorization of residual streams generated by such materials at the end of their life.