2015 | Giro



In late 2014 I’ve started a fruitful collaboration with Giro Sport Design to support its product design team on the environmental aspects related to the design of a new helmet. Together with LCE.Srl I performed a Life Cycle Assessment to establish a solid base on which to start the eco-design process. Reliable and robust data are fundamental since the design process determines 80% of the whole environmental impact generated by a product or service (Design Council 2002).

Thanks to this scrupulous approach on sustainability the design process has generated Silo, a revolution in helmet construction. Silo features an exclusive E-PLA liner that has a lower environmental burden than traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, yet it performs like EPS when managing impact energy.

Each component of the Silo has been carefully considered to reduce potential impact to the environment. At the end of life it is easy to disassemble the components for recycling ( the shell, buckles and pads) and composting (the liner and straps) to further reduce environmental impact. More info here




Collaborative project between: GIRO Sports Design | LCE Srl

Project manager at LCE: Dario Toso