2013 | Politecnico di Torino – Comieco – Cinelli – ConPak


Porta Smartphone | Dario Toso 

The bicycle and paper can both be viewed as symbols of environmental sustainability.

The Bici & Carta project was born from the desire to explore and define a new application field for paper and cardboard with the aim of designing new products and accessories for cyclists and to promote sustainable mobility. I have been involved in the project since its inception in 2012.

After long and fruitful talk with Barbara Bonori, an advisor to the project and avid cyclist, we decided to involve the students in the Course in ‘Communication Design 1’ (Communication and Design, DAD, Politecnico di Torino) in this challenge. Thanks to the supervision of Paolo Tamborrini and Eliana Farotto and the scientific contribution of Silvia Barbero, the results were presented in a show at the Castello del Valentino (Turin) of which I’ve personally designed the exhibit. It was a rewarding experience that stimulated many innovative ideas.



Scientific project: Paolo Tamborrini, PoliTO DAD | Eliana Farotto, Comieco

Ideated by: Dario Toso, PoliTO DAD | Barbara Bonori, Comieco

Project coordinator: Silvia Barbero, PoliTO DAD

Prototypes: Oliviero Pisani, Con Pak

Exhibit Design: Dario Toso

Photo credit: Paolo Ciaberta

Web site: biciecarta.it/