2005 | GP Passenger: Bachelor’ thesis at Politecnico di Torino

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I graduated in Industrial Design thanks to a project on a handle device that aimed to increase the passenger safety on the road motorbike. The GPpassenger project was conceived by an idea of Alberto Casetta, a motorbike enthusiast with advanced skills in motorbike engineering. The project involved a multidisciplinary team composed by mechanical engineers, materials selection experts and ergonomic professionists, with the aim to realize a solid prototype. The GPpassenger has been my first real experience in product design outside the academic arena by facing with diverse real project issues for the first time.



Plastedesign, #1, anno 9, Gennaio 2006

Motociclismo, #3, Anno 93,  Marzo 2006

Dueruote, #21, Anno 3, Gennaio 2007

Plastix, #2, Marzo 2007



Bachelor’s thesis in collaboration with: Politecnico di Torino | Proplast

Academic tutor: Claudia DeGiorgi

Candidate: Dario Toso

Material Selection: ProPlast, Alessandria

3D Modelling: Tebis Italia | Tracce Design

Ergonomics: Dott. Carlo Alberto Peretti